About me

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I’ve been writing on and off since I left uni, which was in – well, let’s just say it wasn’t yesterday. The ‘on’ included stints in journalism, marketing and sales promotion, advertising and creative copywriting.

The ‘off’ was spent in press offices – seven years with a local authority and one with a certain government-backed Scottish business development agency. It was quite an education.

Eight years in the public sector was long enough. I got back into the creative sector, and I’ve never looked back. I’ve worked with huge clients, tiny clients, boutique businesses and banking behemoths. I’ve been part of brand and tone of voice development, concept generation and execution, digital and print communication campaigns, website updates and creation, video scripting, social media campaigns — I even still do the occasional bit of traditional journalism and I’m turning into quite the project manager.

I’ll work on my own or as part of your team, I’ll speak directly with your contacts and clients if you need me to and – most importantly – I’ll deliver on time.

Take a look over some of my work. Then if you’d like to know more, let’s have a chat. You can reach me at joangradycopy@gmail.com or on 07948 185461.

If you’d like to see all the twists and turns of my (and never was the word more apropos) career, check out My CV.