My work

This is where I’ve curated some examples of my work. Some of it dates back a ways, but it’s all still me.

What I think it shows, more than anything else, is that there’s really no subject a copywriter can’t write about, given the right contacts and the right information. I mean, if I was an expert on all these subjects I would almost certainly have made my fortune on some kind of TV quiz show by now.

Alas, this is not the case, and I am forced to continue exercising my power of translating complex information into clear, readable, comprehensible English. Just as well I enjoy it, really.

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Advanced Industrial Methods for the Construction of Homes project: final year report and web content.

Barclaycard: consumer trends infographics

Barclays: various

Golden Charter: Legal services brochure

Historic Scotland: annual reports

Hurtigruten Expeditions: web content

Incredible Husk: website copy

Intelligent Capital: website copy

Kongsberg Maritime: The Full Picture digital magazine

L’Oréal UK & Ireland: various internal and external comms

Mantra Content: A copywriting bible

Nomad Foods: internal newsletter

Revenant TV: social media article


video script and external guidelines