(Advanced Industrialised Methods for the Construction of Homes) Final report April 2022

Skills: Interviewing participants to collate information, generating copy and managing copy approval, project and deadline management, liaising with design team and contributing to web content.

Brief: to support BE-ST (formerly Construction Scotland Innovation Centre) on creating the third and final report about the AIMCH project as well as selected web content to complement that report.

Background: I had previous annual reports and existing web content for reference, as well as contact information for key players on seven of the workstreams. I also had to speak with supporting agencies to create their input. For each workstream I provided summary report copy as well as web content, all of which had to be reviewed and approved by key players prior to publication. I managed the entire process, with regular updates to the BE-ST project management team.

Tone: Professional, informative, industry-focused, succinct.

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