Golden Charter

Legal services brochure

Skills: Working from dated content to produce clear, up-to-date and technically/legally accurate copy in collaboration with the marketing and legal teams.

Brief: Golden Charter is the UK’s leading funeral plan provider. At Mantra, we worked on their new branding. The Legal Services team then asked for copy to go with it. They wanted it brought into a more consistent style, and the new design applied throughout.

Background: Two existing brochures were provided, one used as a sales presenter and one as a leave behind for the customer. They’d been cannibalised from other brochures over time and by different people, so there were issues with consistency in terms of both tone and style. There was also a very large team of people involved, all of whom had to have a say on the final text.

Tone: Keep the same reassurance, but make it less flowery in some parts and reduce the legalese in others. The aim was to create something that was consistent throughout and would appeal to the key audiences — generally men in their 60s.

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