Intelligent Capital

Website copy

Skills: Content gathering from client and existing site, copy generation and approval, liaising with designer.

Brief: The client – a firm offering independent financial advice – didn’t have a functional website and was keen to create something clean, clear and easy to understand. This involved taking some reasonably complex information and making it as clear and concise as possible.

Background: The client provided raw content for reference, while the website designer provided wireframes that instructed the layout and sectioning of copy. Part of the process involved marrying the content provided with this layout as, in true client fashion, the raw info didn’t quite match! That meant I had to pay close attention to structure as well as making sure nothing got left behind. I’m happy to say the client was – in their own word – ‘delighted’ with this project and I’ve done several other projects with them since.

Tone: Professional, reassuring, clear, jargon-free, explanatory, concise.

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