Kongsberg Maritime

Digital magazine features

Skills: Arranging and conducting interviews with key contributors, writing features to brief, managing approvals process, sourcing imagery.

Brief: The Full Picture is Kongsberg Maritime’s regular digital magazine, launched in December 2020 to demonstrate the company’s work, ethos, activities and progress to both internal and external audiences. The marketing manager identified the content to be included and I was assigned several articles covering a wide range of subject matter, as well as a list of contacts to interview for each one. I had to ensure draft copy was approved by all participants and supporting images were available.

Background: Subject matter for these magazines varied from krill fishing in the Antarctic to establishing navigational systems to support the shipping network in and around Norway. It was often highly technical, so it was important to make sure the information I received and the way I translated it into copy was extremely accurate. The interviewing and approvals process usually involved several people, almost all of whom were based in Norway, so it was very complex, but the final result was a very happy client.

Tone: Professional, informative, industry-focused, clear, technical, scientific.

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