Nomad Foods Europe (formerly iglo Group)

Internal newsletter

Skills: Interviewing participants and using provided materials to generate copy, liaising with head of marketing, sourcing imagery, creating short and long-form versions of each article, bearing in mind each would be translated into several different languages.

Brief: Nomad is the biggest frozen food company you’ve probably never heard of. They own Birds Eye, iglo and the European arm of Findus. Mantra came up with the idea of a monthly corporate newsletter to keep everyone across the business up to date.

Background: Content was provided by the client, who also managed the approvals process. We created both an email version and a longer PDF version, to expand on the cover stories and provide an alternative version for staff without email. I wrote the first 10 -12 issues, then supervised, edited or contributed to most of the rest. I then picked up the final issues produced by Mantra.

Tone: At first the client wanted the tone to be very straight business reporting. Latterly, as the business changed, we introduced a lighter style — for the email, at least. The longer articles tended to keep the slightly more straightforward tone. I’ve included the very first and the very last issues as a comparison. A final note – the newsletter was called ‘The Big Picture’ until the completion of the Nomad Foods Europe acquisition. Then it was called ‘Our Way’.

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Big Picture Issue 1 email

Big Picture issue 1 PDF

Our Way June 17 email

Our Way June 17 PDF