Various projects

Training videos

Skills: video scripting in line with storyboard development

Brief: script training videos and podcasts for sportscotland Coach Connects.

Background: Working from rough drafts provided by sports psychologists, translating into a workable video script.

Tone: Accessible, easy to say, clear, scientific.

See more: You can watch several of these videos on the sportscotland YouTube channel: Fundamentals of movement|Co-ordination and control|Attributions

Clubs and Communities Framework

Skills: tone of voice management, editing

Brief: sportscotland had created a communal framework for sports clubs and communities — essentially a best practice manual. Needed tidying and developing into a consistent tone of voice.

Background: Initial document was drafted, but needed improvements in tone and consistency.

Tone: Directly addressing the audience, less corporate, accessible, easy to read.

See more: Clubs and Communities Framework

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